Special Needs Dentistry

Looking for a dental service that has the sensitivity and expertise to serve people with special needs? Concerned about a dental office being equipped for the special needs of individuals? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions and live in Dallas, TX, then come and see me, Dr. J. Eric Hibbs.
My office specializes in assisting those with special needs and making the appropriate accommodations for them. As a leading dental surgeon in Dallas, I pride myself in being sensitive to special needs and making sure that everyone in my office is served equally.

Making Accommodations for Special Needs

Not only is our office furniture arranged to accommodate special needs, but we have invested in the latest dentistry chairs and technology. This has ensured that any patient that visits my office is comfortable and at ease.

Even people with special needs, have to maintain oral hygiene. Having someone they can trust and rely on is important. I have treated many patients with special needs in my Dallas office and have them as regular patients now.

My staff is professionally trained to work alongside me in serving those with special needs. Come by our conveniently located office at 5600 W. Lovers Lane #216, Dallas, TX. Make an appointment with us, and you will see what we’re talking about. Let us ease your anxiety about finding a dental service that can serve those with special needs.

Do not Delay – Make an Appointment Today

Schedule an appointment today by calling us at 214-351-2311. Don’t be uncertain in your decision to contact me, Dr. J. Eric, Hibbs; I would be happy to treat any dental problems you may have.

Are you still contemplating about visiting my dental office? Still have unanswered questions? Well, bring those questions into my office and I will answer them all and put you at ease. Do not ignore your dental health, make an appointment today.

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