Sports Dentistry

Many athletes have lost their teeth due to injuries while playing their favorite sport. Losing a tooth can be devastating for many athletes. Is this you? Have you lost your confidence because your smile was affected by a sports injury? If so, you are not alone. I am Dr. Hibbs J. Eric and I’ve seen many athletes that needed restorative care due to a tooth loss. Some athletes have ordered custom mouth guards at my sports dentistry office located in Dallas, TX.
Preventive Care for the Athlete

The potential facial changes that can happen due a missing tooth don’t have to be a lifetime embarrassment. You no longer have to deal with a missing tooth or two because sports dentistry can now provide tooth loss preventive methods. Dealing with a painful injury to the mouth while playing your favorite sport, is now a thing of the past, just call me, Dr. Hibbs at 214-351-2311.

Are you worried about being injured while on the field and whether you can receive immediate dental assistance? Don’t worry anymore about getting sports dentistry work done. We are available on the scene and make fast and efficient examinations on the scene of the injury. I have state-of-the art mouth guards at my office located in Dallas, TX. We’ll take care of you, and you will walk out of my dental office with a smile of confidence.

What Sports Dentistry Can Do for You

Customizing mouth guards is a common procedure that I do often and I have helped plenty of athletes. I will answer all types of questions you may have concerning sports dentistry. The latest sports dentistry procedures can improve your smile and confidence on the field. My Dallas office is equipped with all the latest equipment and I have the expertise in dealing with all these equipment and the latest dental procedures.

Call my office today at 214-351-2311 to schedule an appointment with me Dr. Hibbs.

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