Bridge Dentistry

Having a hard time chewing? Is missing a few teeth altering your facial structure? Then you may benefit from getting a bridge at my dental office. Getting a bridge can be the answer to your dental problems.
Many people have gone on for long periods of time with missing teeth and felt embarrassed because they talk funny without their teeth. This doesn’t have to happen to you anymore; just contact me, Dr. J. Eric Hibbs, at my office in Dallas, TX.

I am a leading dentist in Dallas and specialize in restoring your ability to chew and speak properly by giving you a bridge. I am able to redistribute the intensity of your bite by replacing the missing teeth with a bridge and have done so for many patients.

What to Expect with a Bridge

After replacing the gap in your mouth with a bridge, you can expect to smile bigger and more comfortably. There will be a new confidence in talking with your friends and colleagues as your speech will improve from the bridge. You won’t struggle anymore to chew your food or bite down properly.

At my Dallas office, we are proud help you. With loads of experience, we are confident that we’ll take care of your problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 214-351-2311.

Let Us Bridge Your Gap Today

There is more than one type of dental bridge. You will first, want to come in for a consultation to see which bridge method is best for your mouth. We are conveniently located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane #216, Dallas, TX.

Regain your confidence and restore your speech with a new bridge. My office would be glad to answer any questions that you may have concerning a bridge. Again, call me, Dr. Hibbs, so I can literally bridge the gap in your mouth today.

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